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Greg's XML Editor 2.0

Now with:
  • Multi document support
  • Find
  • Replace
  • Fold-unfold all


Project Description
A completely free, lightweight Xml editor with syntax highlighting, syntax validation, XSD schema validation and XSL transformation.

For many years i've been looking for a lightweight, simple, Xml editor that could help me editing xml files easily, with some pretty and easy-to-use interface.

On Internet, you can find a lot of xml editors, each one with it's own peculiars and it's own troubles: many are elephant-weighted softwares with you-ask-and-i'll-give-you-coffee-too features, with the only purpose of overfilling application toolbars and/or system RAM; many are not free-of-charge (and sorry if i refuse to pay for a software just a bit smarter than notepad); many others are "proud to adopt an ever new point of view about xml" editing with the purpose to "radically change the user approach to xml development"; and so on.

I tried to use, for my purpose, many different softwares, starting from Altova XML Spy to Microsoft(R) XML Notepad... this last one, for instance, it's light and simple, but forces users to adopt it's own approach to xml document editing: building up xml documents as xml trees, adding and editing one leaf at time, providing a view that hides the whole document structure; i think this approach really slows down xml editing, that's why i prefered to go back using some other simple editing software like notepad...

For all this reasons that i decided to start this project: a simple, lightweight, easy to use, little smarter than notepad Xml Editor.
Greg's Xml Editor allows user to create, open and save XML, XSD and XSLT documents, providing features as:
  • sintax highlighting
  • line numbering
  • folding-unfolding of xml tags
  • sintax validation on-the-fly
  • xml schema validation on-the-fly
  • xsl transformation
  • drag&drop files

with a simple, easy-to-use and familiar user interface.


The main core of Greg's Xml Editor is based on ICSharpCode.TextEditor.dll by #develop team, that's the user control that is used for SharpDevelop code editing. I added the other features (for now, sintax validation, schema validation and xsl transformation).
The project is still under development. A first realease is just available into the Releases section.

I hope this software can be useful to someone else...
Please ask me about troubles, bugs, extensions or other stuffs by using the Discussion section!

Enjoy this software

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